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Building Academy Premises and Building

The campus of the Academy is located on the plot of 1.67 hectares in the area of ​​Banbhatt Marg, (Nagziri-Malanwasa range) Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

Administrative Building – The administrative building at the cost of Rs 26 Lac has been constructed in academy premises in the form of the first phase according to the prescribed exercise. Whose date of commemoration was completed on March 28, 1999. Under which academy office, library and research center are operated.

Sant Kabir Conference Hall – According to the functioning of Akademi, construction work of Saint Kabir Hall in the form of second phase; Amount approved by Hon. Shri Arjun Singh Rajya Sabha and Central Minister, Government of India, amounting to Rs. Ten Lakhs and Rajya Sabha member Hon. Shri Narayan Singh Kesari under Local Area Development Scheme. Rupees Five Lakhs are being made. Building work is towards completion.