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General Body

Members of the class shown in rule 5 in the General Body (Assembly) Shall be incorporated. The meeting of the General Assembly will be done as Required. Organization in it the office bearers will be duly elected by the General Body.

Organizing the related general meeting under the guidance of a responsible employee and the officials have duly elected will go. Rights and Duties of the General body :

  • Annual report of last year of the institution, approval of progress report.
  • Provision of permanent funds and property of the institution.
  • Appointment of auditors for the coming year.
  • Approval of Income-expense sheets of institutions run by the Institution.
  • Six-budget approval.
  • Consider other such topics which are submitted by Executive.

Executive Committee :

The following officials and members are include in the Executive Committee will be elected by General body.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary, and
  • Three Members.

The tenure of the Executive Committee will be three years. Good reason for the committee But till the time that the new Executive committee is not formed by rules or for other reasons Will continue to do so. Rights and Duties of Committee are :

  • To fulfill the objectives of which the committee has been formed and to fulfill this effect to make arrangements.
  • The last year’s income-expenditure account with a fully-tested progress report per annum Presenting in meeting
  • Payment of salaries and allowances of employees of the committee and their Institutions operating under them do to pay tax on the real estate of the Institution
  • Appoint staff, teachers etc.
  • Perform other necessary functions, which may be submitted from time to time by the General Body.

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