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Action Plan

In order to ensure the activation of the academy at the state level under the work plan which has been set up initially for the purpose of fulfilling its establishment objectives, by organizing district level units to provide them affiliation, regional-regional and national level seminars Organizing academic programs, lectures, workshops, poet seminars, conferences, seminars etc. and publishing and publishing of a series of memorials on special events, journaling of prestigious journalists, social workers, decorative artists, with due respect; The scheme involves the publication of research articles, book manuscripts, publishing of surveys reports and rewarding excellent masterpieces / texts for encouraging high level research in the field of Dalit literature, art and culture and social science. To study the various social, economic problems of the Dalit people, review the governance-run welfare schemes and present their problems, difficulties and suggestions to the government.

The special plan of the Academy is that a high level study center should be set up in Ujjain on the development and problems of Scheduled Castes, under which a rich library, research papers, research studies room, museum etc., other necessary research facilities should be available.